Focus on your business and your life instead of worrying about your taxes

If you’re like most people, you look forward to doing your taxes about as much as you enjoy getting a root canal. And a visit to a tax professional doesn’t sound like your favorite way to spend an hour.

On the other hand, at Dodd Priority, we love doing taxes. More importantly, we love helping you get the highest return possible on your income taxes. For us, it’s pure pleasure to sit and crunch numbers and figure out the most deductions you’re entitled to.

While we’re doing that, you can relax and go to a movie, play with your kids, go out to dinner, even take that long-deserved vacation you’ve been longing for with complete peace of mind.

And, if you so desire, we’re willing to teach you and share with you our knowledge and expertise in tax planning whenever you need it so that each year, you might even look forward to tax season as much as we do.

Whether you have a business, lots of rental properties, a family estate trust, or just a W-2, we look forward to serving you. Call today for an appointment. 831-430-0911

“Your Business is our Priority”

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